On-Line IP and Business Advice Clinic

We have launched a new IP and Business Advice Clinic on the internet. I have written a full post on this service on the Chambers website.

If you wish to use this service please call 0800 862 0055 or complete this form.

If you are a professional adviser and wish to join our panel, please apply through our panel application form.

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Leeds Inventors’ Club: 21 July 2010

On Wednesday I gave a talk to Leeds Inventors’ Club entitled “Keeping the Sharks at Bay: Resolving Disputes between Co-Inventors, Licensees, Investors and Third Parties”.  In it I took four typical case histories which had given rise to difficulties for individual inventors and suggested some remedies.  In other words, turning shark into delicious shark’s fin soup.

I have amended the slides to take account of the site’s format and posted them to Slideshare.   So far I have had some good reviews – at least on twitter.   David Flint who specializes in IP and competition law in a leading Glasgow law firm tweeted:

“RE http://bit.ly/alJsXJ @nipclaw Well worth a read; deals expertly with a very difficult and all too common problem in IP.”

When I replied that I managed to keep my audience but that may have been because it was raining heavily in Leeds, he added:

“@nipclaw You’re too modest. Having read it, I’m sure it was the content – everyone in IP should read http://www.slideshare.net/nipclaw/keeping-the-sharks-at-bay

Another accolade came from To Palovi who re-tweeted Slideshare’s mention.   The reason I am so flattered is that To Palovi is about to be appointed to an EPO Board of Appeals.

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Manchester Met Presentation on Slideshare

Jane Lambert has uploaded her presentation on the Intellectual Property Bar to Slideshare.

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Lambert to speak at Manchester Met

Jane Lambert will talk to the Bar Vocational Course students of Manchester Metropolitan University Law School on Intellectual Property and Media Law at the Sandra Burslem Building between 18:30 and 20:30 on 24 May 2010.

The event is organized by Trishelea Ann Sandosamam, the Lincoln’s Inn student representative at the University.  It is part of a qualifying session arranged by the  Inn for Manchester Met students consisting of lectures by practitioners on areas of law not covered on the BVC.

According to Ms. Sandosamam, many students are interested in the area of Intellectual Property and Media Law.   Each talk will last for 25 minutes and be followed by networking session over refreshments.    As Ms. Sandosamam says “Intellectual Property barristers in Manchester are very few and far between.”

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