NIPC (Northern Intellectual Property Counsel) were the first specialist intellectual property chambers outside London and remain the only specialist patent set in the North.   We opened in 1997 with the mission of supplying high quality specialist intellectual property advice and advocacy to start-ups and other small businesses that often need those services most but can usually afford them least. Over the years we acquired a lot of experience in looking after such businesses and learned that they require very different intellectual property services from those sought  by multinational companies, research universities and other large institutions.

We noticed that many of our clients were in trouble because they, and sometimes their professional advisors, had an imperfect knowledge and understanding of intellectual property law.    We tried to help by publishing articles, case notes and precedents on the internet, distributing newsletters, holding seminars, setting up inventors clubs and holding IP clinics.   In addition, Jane Lambert wrote “Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights” a concise guide to businesses and innovative and creative Individuals, which was published by Gower in 2009.   We also listed specialists from other professions such as our panel of supervising solicitors and IP Yorkshire and IP North West.

We now wish to build on these activities by turning them into a business.   Our aim is to create a one-stop intellectual property shop for creative or innovative small businesses.    That will be more than a place where they can obtain professional services.   It will be somewhere they can find a publication that addresses their precise needs; where they can subscribe to a course; where they can meet collaborators, investors, professionals or just people in the same boat.

The one things that all these activities will have in common is that they will be marketed under the NIPC brands. If we list a service it is either one that we offer or that we recommend from a service provider who shares our mission of supplying high quality intellectual property services to the small businesses that need them most at a cost they can afford.

We have formed NIPC Ltd. to manage these activities.   Click “The Company” for further information on the that company.