Panel Listing Rules

1.             Listing
NIPC shall publish from time to time lists of highly competent professional persons (“the Panels”) who share its mission of bringing high quality specialist services within reach of those who usually need them most and can often afford them least (“the Mission”).

2.         Purpose
The purpose of the Panels is to assist members of the public to identify highly competent and experienced professionals who share the Mission.

3.         Qualifications
A person may be considered for Panel listing if he or she:

(1)        is in good standing with his or her profession;

(2)        can show above average professional competence, knowledge and experience in his or her area of practice;

(3)        has or has access to all necessary offline and online reference materials

(4)        has or has access to all the equipment, software and other resources needed to deliver his or her professional services efficiently;

(5)        maintains sufficient professional negligence insurance to cover any reasonably foreseeable claims for negligence; and

(6)        is personally committed to the Mission.

4.         Independence
(1)        Panel listing shall not imply any connection between the listed person (“Panellist”) and NIPC and neither party shall represent any such connection.

(2)        Neither the Panellist nor NIPC shall have any interest in the other’s business.

(3)        Panellists shall not be influenced by their listing either to favour or discriminate against members of NIPC Law when instructing counsel but shall apply the same independent judgment that they would apply in any other circumstances.

(4)        No pressure of any kind shall be exerted upon any client of NIPC or its members to instruct a Panellist.

(5)        No pressure of any kind shall be exerted upon a client of any Panellist to instruct a NIPC Law member.

5.         Benefits
A Panellist shall enjoy the following benefits:

(1)        listing on NIPC’s website and publications;

(2)        free admission to continuing professional development training courses offered by NIPC;

(3)        invitations to conduct, chair or support IP clinics and to speak at NIPC conferences and seminars; and

(4)        publication of his or her articles and case notes in NIPC’s databases and publications.

6.         NIPC’s Expectations
(1)        NIPC shall expect a Panellist to:

(a)        deliver professional services to clients who are referred to the Panellists directly or indirectly by NIPC on his or her best terms;

(b)        develop his or her skills and extend his or her knowledge and experience through continuing professional development training or otherwise;

(c)        investigate and if necessary redress any complaint or grievance that NIPC may refer to the Panellist; and

(d)        continue to be qualified under rule 3.

(2)        NIPC shall encourage Panellists to:

(a)              conduct, chair or attend NIPC clinics;

(b)              contribute regularly to NIPC’s online and offline publications;

(c)               speak at NIPC’s conferences and seminars; and

(d)              attend CPD training courses.

7.             Review
Every Panel listing shall be reviewed at least once a year.

8.             Delisting
NIPC may remove a Panellist from a Panel in any of the foreign circumstances:

(1)           the Panellist resigns from the Panel;

(2)           the Panellist ceases to satisfy the requirements of rule 3;

(3)           the Panellist breaches rule 4 or rule 6 (1)

(4)        the Panellist indicates by words or conduct that he or she no longer abides by these Rules; or

(5)        the Panellist says or does anything likely to brings NIPC or its members into disrepute.

9.         Amendment
NIPC may add to, revoke or vary these rules upon not less than 28 days notice upon its website or at any time with the unanimous consent of the affected Panellists.

10.          Choice of Law
These rules shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.